Leaving on a Jet Plane…

…pretty sure when I’ll be back again, because I booked a return ticket. So. Rhys Ford and I are leaving on Sunday at painful o’clock. One day I will fly out of San Diego in time to take advantage of airport Phil’s. They do ...Read More

Road Trip!

So me and Rhys Ford are going to hit the road this weekend. Well, to be completely ACCURATE, me, Rhys Ford, and the Firebird are going to hit the road this weekend! I won’t be driving, if that puts anyone out there’s mind at ...Read More

*Cracks Knuckles*

Not really. I can’t crack my knuckles. Actually none of my joints really crack, although my neck sounds like someone grinding pepper sometimes. However, you get what I mean. I have done 90% of my blog stuff stuff for October (the final 10% will ...Read More

Is it STILL September?

Whew! This has been the busiest September on record since I was a kid and had to go back to school! I have: 1: Flown to Bristol 2: Been a delight while staying with friends 3: Went to the UK Meet, where I killed ...Read More