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  • Dreamspinner and DSP Publications Sale!


    I posted about the Harmony Ink ALA sale a few days ago. It’s still on if you’re jonsing for some quality YA fiction! However, not to miss out on the action Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications are having their own ALA Sale. (Ahem! That includes Dog Days by the illustrious, charming, unofficially delightful TA Moore. […]

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  • Buy Books; Help Libraries!


    Harmony Ink Press is having an American Library Association (ALA) Sale! The entire store will be on sale for 25% off from January 17 to 23! In addition, paperbacks are on sale for $12 and with every 2 paperbacks purchased, Harmony Ink will donate 1 to a library. So get some good books and help a […]

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  • Too Cynical for Xmas Movies


    There comes a time in everyone’s life (or could just be me) when they realise they’re too cynical for Christmas movies. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas. Tis the season to don my santa hat and drink all the Christmas coffee and give my relatives kids wholly annoying presents that make noise and mess. […]

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  • Some Days You’re The Dude With the Ball…

    First, why did you come back for more? Second, it wasn’t ya shoes homeboy. Third, don’t ever wave your finger saying “Come here” then get your ankles rocked. Cuz you definitely don’t want anymore. Stick to social studies and free throws young blood. @jahbuckets_30 go easy on em next time. A video posted by Joshua […]

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  • What is the Secret?


    Look, there’s a lot of ‘secrets’ being peddled out there. The secret to wealth! The secret to eternal youth! The secret to scoring with sexy ladies! (Usually, spoiler alert, the secret is ‘give me your money! now wait….’ but I’m a known cynic). This secret though…I’m dying to know what it is. Tell me, Tumblr […]

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  • Fantastic Beasts – Should you Find Them?


    Huh. I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yesterday. It is a beautiful film, all gorgeous, swooping shots of cinematic destruction and vividly realised, delightfully alien creatures. It is also fractured, full of rough sketched characters, and a LOT of choices were made I would not have made. Colin Farrell was the […]

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  • Doctor Who Experience


    I had SO MUCH fun at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff! I think it is the sort of place that would be a bit ‘meh’ if you went on your own, but with friends you get to giggle and take stupid reaction selfies (all my faces are the same? I cannot help this. Apparently […]

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  • Wobbledogs and Writing Updates


    I will, 100%, play wobbledogs when it comes out. It looks fun. However, looking at the developerlog I’m caught between…you know when you see a dog that is REALLY, REALLY ugly, but it is still a dog and therefore adorbs? So the cognitive dissonance leads to ‘you’re so ugly, you the cutest puppy in the world!’? The […]

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  • Time to get spooked


    I was thinking about the Ravenloft books today. They were – are – a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, where fantasy was replaced with gothic fantasical horror. Looking back, the premise was sorta ‘imagine if the author of ‘My Immortal’ was a dark god of the Demiplane of Dread’. I mean, I loved them […]