A Halloween Getaway?

Are you dreading the endless parade of barely costumed, sticky-fingered, greedy little hobgoblins traipsing their way to your door this October*? Airbnb have a solution custom-made for you. Instead of an evening in your home, chewing your way through ‘leftover’ candy, why not go to Paris and spend a night huddled on a narrow cot (I 2352a702_originalassume) in the Paris Catacombs with the empty eyes of the dead watching you for any sign of weakness. Included in the getaway is a delightful repast, I assume of coffee as black as your soul to keep you awake during the horrors of the evening and worms, and a private concert by the ‘children of the night’.

Sounds right up your alley? Head over to Airbnb to enter the contest now. All you need to do is tell them why you WOULDN’T be afraid to spend a night in the crypts before October 20.

*I’m not THAT much of a Halloween Grinch. I don’t mind the kids on costume on Halloween night. However, I just got my first hoodie-wearing group of rhymers at the door tonight. That gets old.

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