Aldi is the GF Promised Land

If you aren’t gluten-free then you can’t imagine how important Irish Aldi’s are to me. They have bread rolls that you can eat with a gallon of water to wash it down, you don’t even have to refresh them! There are biscuits – the white chocolate and cranberry is nice, but it’s hard to underestimate just how excited I get about a packet of GF jammie dodgers (it’s the smell! like childhood). There’s pasta! There’s cereal!

Plus, they have the best salad bar.

In case you are wondering, I made a wee pilgrimage down over the border today to stock up on rolls, pizza, and biscuits.

It’s an hour down and about an hour and a half back (Belfast gets busy), but it is actually worth it.

Plus, I always pop into Penney’s when I’m down. It’s just Primark’s under another name, but it feels fancier don’t it? 😀

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