Big News This Way

Ok. As some of you might know, I received some HUGE news last week that I was afraid to talk about in case I put the scud on it. I have now signed all the relevant documents, made all the relevant noises of excitement, terror, and confusion, and now I can tell you all. Wait for it!

I have just signed a contract with Dreamspinner to publish my novel, Dog Days! Well, the title could be changed. The book, though, that’s definitely going to print! And the craic is ninety here, people!

So, that’s my news. I am wild chuffed, and so delighted that you guys are going to get to meet my characters and their world. So much so, actually, that I suspect that by the time my book comes out I am going to be a puddle of adrenaline that is still making squeaky noises.

I am on the bus to Belfast at the moment! So this is a very quick blog. I will tell more later! I think. I am too excited to know what I should be telling people. Other than, isn’t it awesome news?

Oh, and I redesigned my website. Look about it and go ‘ooooooo, that’s clever’ 😀


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