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Done and Dusted!

WHOOT! Every Other Weekend was finished, blurbed, and sent off on deadline! OK, it was TECHNICALLY the 20th where I was slouched (3am, the sofa, County Down), but it was the 19th where it was going and that is what counts. It is. Shush. ...Read More

State of the Tamm

I have absolutely no truck with superstitions – in theory. In practice I’m a slave to every rhyme and bad luck averting gesture that’s out there. Which is difficult around where I live, because there’s so many magpies that it looks like I have ...Read More

Toilet Tales – Work Days

So, here’s a list of toilet related things that happened when I worked in one particular place: A desperate hunt for a female member of staff to go into the ladies and ask the two women making love on the floor to take it ...Read More

Halloween Real Life Spooky Stories

There are a couple of ghost stories passed around in my family – mostly fairly benign visits about ‘i’m dead’ or ‘someone’s gonna die!’ – but I’ve only ever had one….or three…spooky experiences. Well, two spooky experiences and being awfully good at Tarot, but ...Read More

State of the Tamm – Snot!

I have the cold. Count yourself lucky that you are on the other side of the screen, away from the nose-honking, coughing, and whining (SO MUCH whining). Basically that means I am in my pyjamas at any opportunity. You can’t be properly ill unless ...Read More