Codswallop, Cats, and Chapter breaks

I have walked MANY, MANY kms today and hatched the most basic of pokebeasts. I eye with a jealous eye the people who’ve hatched Lapras and Gyrados or all the pokebabies. I got two ghastlies, a cowemon, and far I have walked SO FAR and hatched a cow thing and two ghastlies in Pokemon Go. I may sulk a bit.

My new romance is burbling along. I’ve thrown a little bit of angst at them, they responded by being irritatingly reasonable about it. I do miss straight up murder. Tossing the occasional body in to muddy the waters is always both fun and productive. Maybe another time.

Finally, I really want to see the documentary about the cats of Istanbul. It looks amazing, plus…kitties.

When we set out to make this film, I had many ideas about what it should be. I wanted to explore philosophical themes that would make an audience ponder about our relationship to cats, to nature, to each other… I hope the film succeeds in doing that but more importantly, I hope this film makes you feel like you have just had a cat snuggle up on your lap unexpectedly and purr endlessly for a good long time, while allowing you to stroke it gently along itʼs back, forcing you, by the sheer fact that you canʼt move without letting go of that softness and warmth, into thinking about things that you may not have given yourself time to think about in the busy life you lead.

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