*Cracks Knuckles*

Not really. I can’t crack my knuckles. Actually none of my joints really crack, although my neck sounds like someone grinding pepper sometimes. However, you get what I mean.

I have done 90% of my blog stuff stuff for October (the final 10% will be finished off once I finish this) and finally watched a good chunk of Altered Carbon (loved the books, love the series). Now it is time to start work on my next novel.

It’s going to be a contemporary. MAYBE with a little bit of crime. Probably with a little bit of crime. Judgement is so unnecessary! I’ve got the plot, I’ve got the MC, I have my possibly OCD spreadsheet to track my productivity, and I just have to decide on a city to base it in tonight. I would lean toward somewhere cooler, but…more familiar with the West Coast to be honest. Eh, I’ll see. I could stick it in Plenty – my town and my rules, eh?

We’ll see. I’ll have to decide by tomorrow.

I’m also heading off to the BEST BBQ JOINT IN THE WOOOOOOORLD tomorrow.

That’s right! PHIL’S!

Don’t bother to argue with me about the best BBQ place btw, Phil’s has sentimentality and awesome sauce! You aren’t gonna win. I fully intend to completely consume a ridiculous amount of pork, get covered in BBQ sauce, and get the craic going.

It can be my reward for hitting my word count that day!

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