Doctor Who Experience

I had SO MUCH fun at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff! I think it is the sort of place that would be a bit ‘meh’ if you went on your own, but with friends you get to giggle and take stupid reaction selfies (all my faces are the same? I cannot help this. Apparently I have one reaction face and it is gormless grinning!). You can see all my pics here! Got there a bit early so we grabbed something to drink and giggled about the size of John Barrowman’s hands (huge, if you were wondering). The interactive experience goes unspoiled, but if you are asthmatic (me) have your inhaler on hand,  because the smoke smells are quite strong and I did end up hacking up a bit of lung (sorry, people standing around me!) even with my inhaler.

The Exhibition was the most fun, with Tardis consoles from all different eras, costumes, Daleks, and a mirrored room to practice walking like a bad guy. Sadly, we did lose my friend Andi here…but as you can see her eyeliner game is still strong.

After we finished, caught all the Pokemon, and hit the shops, we headed down across the pier to get to Ianto Jones’ Shrine (I Facebook Lived it, first time for everything!). I loved Torchwood almost more than Doctor Who during the first couple of seasons. Sorry better fans than me, Children of Earth was good storytelling, but bad show running for me. None of the characters worked after that.

Still, it was awesome to see the Shrine and see that it was still being kept up. Ianto Jones is still loved, if they ever wanna bring Torchwood back and AU him…just saying, could happen.

In conclusion? Cardiff was awesome! Now planning my trip to US and Paris next year!

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