Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book – Coloring Book for Adults

I desperately want this. Due to a combination of no natural talent and an art teacher that shamed me in front of the class for not being able to draw a boot (and also once threw a boy into a cupboard and kept him locked in there for two hours, that was an odd class), I can’t draw worth a toot. I will admit that I would probably be better if I had any patience and didn’t get discouraged the minute I’m not able to do something perfectly first time.

This. This book of adorable doodles is my ‘cheat code’. With this, I can create art!

Except, of course, I won’t. I will be too terrified to touch colour to it for fear of ‘spoiling it’. Instead it will sit pristined and unsullied*, gettting gradually more dog-eared, until I sell it on ebay for the price of ‘take this reminder of my failings from my office’.

*I get like this about my nice notebooks too. I wish I had nicer handwriting! I wish I had the patience to write my ideas neatly! I wish I didn’t have the odd compulsion to scribble over false starts and could just let them abide.

I don’t though. So someone out there buy it, make it awesome, and let me know so I sulk about it 😀


Source: Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book – Coloring Book for Adults

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