Everything’s better in slo-mo

I will be finishing packing tonight! Fingers crossed that I haven’t fatted out of any of my trews! A real and immediate worry! That just leaves my carry on to finish packing.

It contains:

  1. my tablet, kindle, and phone – the essentials! I can usually get through three or four books on a plane. Or one if I sleep. I’ve got a copy of Rhys’ latest!
  2. My keyboard so I can write. I plan this everytime, but planes make me sweaty and unhappy so I never actually write.
  3. Travel sickness pills. I once horked ALL OVER the two people sitting next to me, splattered the people in the middle row, and made the ones on the far side flinch. Then there was the time I ate nothing but orange slices (the candy) all flight, and horked up pure orange bile on landing. Of course, I also once took too many travel sick pills by mistake and spent the trip listening to my liver in my ears.
  4. Plasters, because you never know.
  5. Zovirax, because you do know I will get a cold sore somewhere over the ocean because my lips hate flying.
  6. Earphones x2, in case I lose a set.
  7. Passport, cos obviously!

Check this out, it’s so cool!

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