Fantastic Beasts – Should you Find Them?


I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yesterday. It is a beautiful film, all gorgeous, swooping shots of cinematic destruction and vividly realised, delightfully alien creatures. It is also fractured, full of rough sketched characters, and a LOT of choices were made I would not have made. Colin Farrell was the sexiest he’s been since Fright Night (what? I have a type); conversely Johnny Depp might well have reached the nadir of hotness.

It would have worked better for me if Newt hadn’t been an idiot bereft of forethought. He means well, but introducing possibly invasive species due to carelessness? Not good practice. He is intelligent, but not smart.

There were a lot of good ideas, but I am not sure they all fit within the films confines-pick magical conservation or nomaj prejudice, work with it. Trying to do everything left the narrative confused.

Colin was sex on a wand, but Grindelwald made me question both Dumbledore AND the film-makers taste (Johnny Depp was doing a bad Bowie impression. right?).

I loved the Fantastic Beasts, but could have done with less of the people. Oh stop poking me, they were just all… vaguely caricature like. They were so… miserable it was almost Dickensian. Only without the seduction of crafted words.

Lots of new theories about Dumbledore’s sister I bet!

I cared a LOT about the mysterious ex in the photo.

I am not sorry I saw the film – it was fun to giggle with over friends -and I think a lot of good ideas were these. I will be getting the DVD – but mostly because it was really hard to make at what people were saying on screen. Honestly. Speak up for the cheap seats!

(also, I thought Legilimens were rare and skilled wizards? But I am not fan enough to be sure about that.)

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