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Not as much as I had planned to do this week, but I am happy enough.

Got the TSC/Armada list out of the way, tho I still need to get on with writing that quiz.  And once I can chase up some pretties, we will launch our plan for the festive season, so anybody who wants a bit of fun between the 25th and the 7th can pencil us in. (No sign ups, just reblog based fun.)

Got some nice steamy porn written today (always a good day); I should finish off Funeral Pyre tomorrow ready to post. Then I can look at finishing some of those multichapter stories I’ve left hanging from TSC.

And @electricbluebutterflies and I spent some time today going gaga over a picture she found, which pormpted a nice charloe fic idea, and then on further reflection, something I’m better off developing as a simple, sexy romance I can sell. Codename Wildchild.

How was your week, fys crew?

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I am happy to take responsibility for the above romance idea. (I swear I went on pinterest looking for cute pictures for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PROJECT and instead I found this beautiful thing. And since my mental stability cannot handle that particular sandbox, I figured I might as well pass it on to my usual flail partner, sooooo.)

I… don’t remember what I did, honestly. Beyond the first few segments of a new challenge fic, because CLEARLY I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO *NOT* SIGN UP FOR THINGS but this one’s the right sort of thing for me to actually get done. (Nothing says appropriate entry for a holiday fic frenzy like two middle-aged idiots avoiding their feelings while herd-wrangling ten misbehaving teenagers, right??) So that happened. And I also do not remember my goals for this week either soooo let’s just call it a win over here.

I gave myself three weeks to finish the monster edit, and I did it on Thursday.  Hooray me!  I then hit the motivation wall because I am useless on Friday.  Yesterday was a family day and today I’m sick.  Ug. 

Tomorrow I shall get back to writing and let go of editing for a while.  There’s a lot of old ink to get out of the Bad Art Pen, but I’m looking forward to moving it out of the way.  

Glad to hear you both have new projects on the horizon too.  We’re not just finishing our OLD shit.  We’re finishing ALL the shit.  We’re like Alexander the Great.  

I have managed to write about three thousand words altogether. They may be words of shame regret later, but for now they get me closer to the finish line. I have about 15 thou to go on this project.

Ignoring my ‘oh god, I will never finish ever’ whinge – yay? Words!

I have also signed up for Yuletide – because I am a glutton and work well to a deadline.

So, 15 thousand on original fic Dog Days to go
1000ish on project soon to be announced.
I probably need to write some sort of Yuletide letter tomorrow too.

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