Gluten Free Potato Bread

I made gluten-free potato bread this afternoon – and Facebook turned it into this ridonkulously awesome slideshow.

Ok – my recipe for gluten-free potato bread:

Mashed potatoes – as many as you have (weigh them for the next bit).
About 1/4 the amount of gluten-free potato to potatoes
Half the amount of flour for the butter
(So 25 butter, 50 flour, 200 potatoes)

Mix the flour and potatoes, then add the butter to the mix. The dough formed is rubbish – so squish it flat with your hands and either cut into slices or use a cookie cutter.

The dough breaks easily at this point, but don’t worry. Drop into a dry pan and fry for roughly a minute on both sides (you can see what they should look like when done in the slide show). It will go crisp and be much more durable.

If you want to eat it now cook it for an extra two minutes. I am freezing this lot however, so I will fry them up for breakfast next weekend.

It is actually delicious. I haven’t had proper gluten bread in over a decade, but other people have tried it and say it is good.

Posted by TA Moore on Sunday, 10 January 2016

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