Happy Easter/Chocolate Egg Day

I had a Cadbury’s Creme Egg today and it reminded me of all that was good in the world. Or I am still high as a kite after eating a chocolate egg full of weaponised sugar. You decide!

I did a fair amount of writing today on Wanted. I enjoy it, although the continuing lack of crimes and/or curses makes me feel like I am slacking. Maybe I will introduce a mysterious hermit who guides the characters to their true dynasty, or to bang. Kinda sounds like Zeus. Or not. My betas are already giving me the evil eye over introducing a demi-pet. 

If it doesn’t live in the house, it is not technically a pet. It is more of a judgey visitor.

Oh, and I took a walk along part of the North Down Coastal Path today. Northern Ireland might not have the weather of San Diego, but we have nice coast. Plus many puppers. 


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