Health, Fitness, and Ducks


Those consumed calories PROBABLY cover the ice-cream I had when I got back to the car park. Right?

I am on a health kick at the minute. Not, I hasten to add, a diet. I’m rubbish at dieting, haven’t weighed myself in years, and function on the assumption that if I can button my jeans things aren’t that bad. Seriously, I’m such a spiteful sod that if I joined Weightwatchers I’d put on weight because the minute they told me ‘don’t eat this’ I’d eat three of them on principle.

On the other hand, I spend a lot of time sitting on my bum at a computer and I have asthma so I figure I should probably pursue a certain level of physical fitness. Or, at least, daily movement.

So I got a Fitbit(ch) – which is a cheap as chips activity tracker I got to see if there was any point in getting an actual fitbit. So far, at least, it’s been cool. There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing exactly how many steps I’ve taken, and how far I’ve walked. Oh, and it tracks your sleeping patterns to see if you have good sleep. I…don’t, so far. This is hardly a surprise though. I sleep like a particularly fidgety meerkat.

The ultimate aim is to do the Couch to 50k challenge – or at least try and do a bit of the challenge. I mean, my plan for the zombie apocalypse has always been to trip whoever else is there and leg it while they are distracted. However, that’s


Duck continues unimpressed with corn. They prefer chip butties.

not going to work if I have to stop for a breather and the zombies catch up!


However, my body immediately responded to this idea by wonking up my Achilles tendon, so I’m sticking to long walks until it’s all mended. Which is where the ducks come in, since today I walked two miles around the local duck pond (which required a couple of laps). I also got to pet a number of dogs, although the fitbitch doesn’t track that for some reason.

In writing – I have some HUGE news. However, it’s going to have to wait until I’ve got all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed until I tell you about it. I can tell you about my latest WIP Liar, Liar which is a contemporary crime novel, where my characters are currently holed up in a moderately scabby hotel hating each other.

They’ll get over it though, they just need to hate each other for a while. It’s kind of deserved!

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