I Don’t Think We’re in Swindon Anymore

Well, that’s it. Back home in – squints out window – cloudy but dry Northern Ireland. The UK Meet is over until the next one – which may or may not be in 2016 – and once I finish this post I will away to sign up for the news letter. I also spent a great week with Rhys Ford, Fala Black and Penny Rogers nipping around the south of England to admire the Rugby players…I mean beautiful scenery.

To round up the week?


I had a brilliant time at the UK Meet. Everyone was friendly, the space was easy to be social or reserved in, I liked that we got to sit at tables rather than lined up in chairs like a lecture hall. Elizabeth North of Dreamspinner gave a great talk on Saturday and I got to meet fellow magpie afficionado KJ Charles. There were a few infrastructure issues with the layout, but on the whole I had a good time.

I loved Bath. Seriously, I got a gluten-free high tea in a tea shop, we eavesdropped on what we believe might have been an elderly serial killer, got reproving looks in Bath Abbey for being ever so slightly profane about the woman memorialised for eternity with her boob out, and critiqued the proofreading of medieval stone carvers*.

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London was fun too! Even though it piddled down from on high on us for the ENTIRE day. Other than growing fungi in our armpits though, it was great. Rhys and Fala navigated the underground with aplomb, while I reminded them that I used to get lost on the Newcastle Metro – which is basically a circle with a few off-shoots. We had a great lunch at The Kitchen – an Ulster Fry is just qualitatively better, but their Everyday Breakfast was still yummy! – got to see a posing raven, and came up with very disloyal theories about why Charles II had so many freaking maces. I also got to check out ‘Gay’s the Word’ bookshop thanks to Fala Black!

My favourite was Oxford though. It’s a beautiful city and I loved Christchurch when we went around it – although we did have to retrace our route after we missed the Alice window and got distracted by the Mad Hatters sculptures. Next time, I plan to get to see the ‘Witch in a Jar’ in the museum! This would probably be facilitated by not stopping to have coffee every fart’s end – but screw it, coffee is life! Sugar is joy!

Oh. Special mention has to go to Devises and Corsham. In Devises, or just outside of it, I got to take loads of pictures of a very pose-happy swan. Which is why, if anyone wonders, Rhys Ford now has 104 pictures of a swan hoking at its bottom (she loaned me her camera). Then in Corsham the peacocks were just wandering the streets and I got roughly 98 pictures of them….sorry, Rhys!

I also got to see the Georgian and New Zealand rugby teams. That was fun! 😀

All in all, great time! Would go again!

*One woman was preserved forever in blessed immoralitytality

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