Is it STILL September?

Whew! This has been the busiest September on record since I was a kid and had to go back to school! I have:

1: Flown to Bristol

2: Been a delight while staying with friends

3: Went to the UK Meet, where I killed it. Or at least didn’t hide under a table, much the same thing for me!

4: Flew to Tampa the NEXT DAY!

5: Was a delight, played with kittens and puppies, wrote a LOT

6: Went to the Dreamspinner Author Workshop in Orlando where I ate a lot, learned some stuff, hung out with awesome people, and WROTE EVEN MORE!

7: Flew from Orlando to San Diego. This was originally going to be a quick(ish) flight that went Orlando to San Fran, San Fran to San Diego. However, our plane somehow managed to lose their flight crew. Theories included a: they had been in the air too long, b: hangovers, and c: they had been pressed into service to ferry a heart surgeon to an ailing yeti. I know which I prefer. As a result me and Rhys had to scuffle to get a flight from Orlando to Chicago, and then leg it across the terminal to get to our San Diego flight. MEANWHILE our luggage was now in San Franciso chilling with its wheels up. 

OH! And I had not yet seen Infinity Wars, but now I have watched it twice on the guy next to me’s little plane TV. Obviously the sound was off, but I wrote my own dialogue. Pro-tip to Infinite War Bugaloo? Everytime there’s a tense confrontation between two characters and Peter Parker is there? He yells ‘Now kiss!’. It tickled me.

8: Been a delight in San Diego.

Still to come GRL, my blog tour for Every Other Weekend, the launch of Every Other Weekend, and then home. Which is always, well, home! But I will miss everyone 🙁

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