Little Pop Culture Books

Viewed through glass, April is shaping up to be a gorgeous month. It is deliriously sunny, delightfully warm, and generally a Spring to be envious of. Through glass. Open the front door and there’s a wind that could cut you down to the bone.

Which is a long-winded way of justifying why I’ve not finished painting the fence in the back garden. It’s too cold! I’m too weak! There are Pokemon to hatch.

gold9My WIP had a bit of a stumble. I wrote some ok prose that took the books entirely in the wrong direction, creaking along reluctantly. Then I realised it was over-complicating matters unnecessarily, went back a few thousand words and now it feels much more…natural.

In other news, check out this awesome pop culture inspired children’s book covers. I am sure they have many good lessons between the covers. Well, maybe not the Joker! Or Walking Dead. Come on, Negan should have a joke book!


via When Little Golden Books Meet Pop Culture [Pics]

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