Love is Love

From February 14 to 18, the entire store, Dreamspinner Press and Harmony Ink, is 25% off. (Sales are set to begin and end based on Eastern Standard Time.) So there’s still time to get your February buy on!

And next Friday I’ll be swanning off to San Diego and then to Florida for the Dreamspinner Workshop. I am so excited I could pop. Also fretful, but that is my life. I fret, therefore I’m Tamm. Also I make bad jokes!

At the end of March I’ll also be in London for a couple of days. Me and Rhys Ford are going to be having a Salon….aka, a natter with people over coffee! Or possibly food. Keep an eye on Facebook for more information!

After that I’ll be heading to Paris for the Salon du Livre. You can 25% off all paperbooks AND get them shipped to Paris to collect! You can come and say hi to me. I’m a delight, and I’ll fight anyone who says different :D.Dreamspinner_ParisBookFair_WebsiteBanner


I will leave you with….the Young Pope making the Papacy fabulous again!

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