Oxbridge Set

  I hit Oxford with Rhys Ford, Penny Rogers and Fala Black today. We had a LOT of sugar. I mean, we had enough sugar to give a hummingbird a funny turn. There were chocolates, ice cream, pastries, slushies, and not one healthy thing to be found. Well, my ice cream was blackberry. That is TECHNICALLY a fruit, and that makes it one of my five a day.

When we weren’t mainlining caffeine and sucrose, we did an open topped bus tour of the city. It is a gorgeous place, all statues and beautiful old buildings and pretty people on cycles. To the hot rugby player with the muscles and the shoulders, we apologise for objectifying you.

(Penny went ‘wow, he is pretty’ and we all turned like meerkats to stare at this poor bloke who was just standing minding his own business outside a pub.)

We got to see the shop where Alice in Wonderland bought her barley sugar (don’t expect that many sweets, but lots of cool Wonderland bits and bobs, including a rather homoerotic print of the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit (see below)

We have also now seen the Japansese Rugby team, the Georgian Rugby team and the New Zealand Rugby team. My favourite are the Georgians, who were just all shoulders, suits, and scruff which I approve of!


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