Toilet Tales – Issue 2

You all thought I was joking about this being a series right? My family used to go camping a lot. I mean this was an exodus of Moores from our town. We arrived at the campground en masse, with cousins galore and dogs and ...Read More

Aldi is the GF Promised Land

If you aren’t gluten-free then you can’t imagine how important Irish Aldi’s are to me. They have bread rolls that you can eat with a gallon of water to wash it down, you don’t even have to refresh them! There are biscuits – the white ...Read More

Join us for….TOILET TALES!

OK, not all of these stories are about toilets. However when I look back on my life a LOT of my stories involve or reference toilets/bathrooms. I can’t help it. It’s my superpower – no matter where it lies I can find weird stuff ...Read More

State of the Tamm

Today got off to a brilliant start when I did a last run through on the edit I’m working on and found five pages in the middle I’d just…willfully skipped? missed? ignored?…five pages in the middle. Luckily they didn’t need much done to them, ...Read More