Revolution Comic

I loved NBC’s Revolution. It was the first TV show in a lonnnnnnng time that dragged me back into fandom. I meta’d, I squeed, I had weekly live-blogged screenings with friends…whether they liked it or not. Sometimes it revo-ch1-018-hd-134586frustrated me when the showrunners wasted a good idea, or the fact that women were almost exclusively motivated by wombs (and don’t get me started on Gene Porter, Shit MD, or the fact they murder-killed poor Jeremy Baker).

Still, it was my show and I loved it and I was devastated when it was cancelled. So when they announced that we were getting a comic to wrap up all the loose ends, I was thrilled…and a little worried. Due to, you know, the aforementioned issues.

The first book came out yesterday. It was…well, they are trying to write it all up in four issues so they’ve taken a few short cuts and there’s a certain about of suspension of belief required and apparently we’re sticking to the old ‘only one person of colour from each gender allowed’. Still, there’s stuff I like. Rachel is a scary, dangerous intellect again, not a raw limbic system flapping around, blown solely by the desires of the dudes that fancy her. We also seem to have dropped the Man Science is the Best Science thing that they hit in season two when Aaron and his beard became the tech god of all things.

I’m cautiously hopeful. Plus I love this cover by Jason Badower. It’s beautiful.


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