State of the Tamm

I have absolutely no truck with superstitions – in theory. In practice I’m a slave to every rhyme and bad luck averting gesture that’s out there. Which is difficult around where I live, because there’s so many magpies that it looks like I have a twitch saluting them so often.

Anyhow, my point is that I have a dentist appointment on Friday 13th and that is giving me actual, real life nerves. I know it’s ridic, but my superstitious hind brain does not give a fart about what I know. My superstitious hindbrain is a bit of a dick.

Other news, can’t believe it’s November already. It’s mere weeks, WEEKS until Christmas. This is clearly madness. Where has the year gone? It was only yesterday that I was in Florida with all the people at the Dreamspinner Workshop.

Oh and speaking of the Workshop? I said that I wanted to complete three (maybe four) books this year.


  • Bone to Pick (it wasn’t FINISHED! I still had to finish the editing process)
  • Wanted – Bad Boyfriend – Due August next year!
  • Stone the Crows (Dog Days 2) – Just handed in
  • Current Work in Progress whose name I might change – Due end of December, let’s get all cocky and assume I’ll do it!
  • Ghost Writer of Christmas Past – Available from December 1 (it’s a novella, but screw it. It counts!)

does little dance of accomplishment and butt wiggles

Got nothing else of interest planned this week. Umm…I considered buying cheap eyeliner off the internets, decided against it on the grounds my eyesight is bad enough without cheap eyeliner induced pinkeye. I DID buy a giant bottle of gluten-free soy sauce off amazon, and am very excited about it.

Oh, and the Visiting Cat (Who is now called Queen Victoria of Cattannia) continues to visit.


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