State of the Tamm

Welp, there it goes. The birthday. As always I was feted with bonfires and bands, or maybe that was something to do with the whole, y’know, generations of sectarian showmanship. Either way I had a good time.

In a couple of weeks I’ll head over to England to get read for the UK Meet. I’ll be on a panel on the Sunday, and bopping around the place from Friday night so do say hi if you see me! I’m purple and flitty.

Then I’m off to Florida to do the Dreamspinner Author Meet, where I met a whole punch of other authors, editors, and assorted people and try to act like a properly socialised member of society and not a half-feral goblin person. I’m very social in short bursts, but once I’ve been exposed to anyone for a longish period of time I just assume they’re ready for the FULL ON TAMM! Which usually involves weird rants against facial hair, arguments about tea and/or gatorade flavours, and too much sharing about the state of my underpants.

After that I’m going to chill in San Diego with Rhys Ford for a while before he head over to Portsmouth for GRL. We will be launching Devil Take Me, I’ll have a brand, spanking new book out (Every Other Weekend!), and I’ll be on a panel ranting enthusiastically about writing, books, and if you’re going to be there I DO always flap my hands around this much don’t worry.




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