State of the Tamm – Snot!

I have the cold. Count yourself lucky that you are on the other side of the screen, away from the nose-honking, coughing, and whining (SO MUCH whining). Basically that means I am in my pyjamas at any opportunity. You can’t be properly ill unless you are in your jim-jams (said it once by accident in a shop, trying to get it to catch on) and have a cup of soup.

Other news…

Saw Thor. Loved Thor. Probably the best of the movie of the year, and I will fight you on this (please don’t fight me, it’s sad and you’ll just feel bad afterwards). I mean it was wild, and didn’t always made traditional narrative sense, but I loved it to the point of squeaking. I did miss the scene with the Valkyries since my bladder CANNOT sit through a whole Marvel movie but I’m looking forward to the Blu-ray for that.

The World of Writing

Ghost Writer of Christmas Past will be here soon! I loved this wee novella. They were ridiculously cool characters, although it was meant to be a 5000 word short story that turned into a novella instead. Because I am TERRIBLE at short. Ask anyone who’s listened to me tell a story.

Stone the Crows was signed (yay, Dreamspinner) and will — touch wood — be with you early next year. The editing process is always scary. It’s never happened (and my editor is a doll) but I do worry I’ll get an edit that’s all ‘oh, sweetie, no. This is….no.’ On the other hand, I want y’all to meet Nick! I love Nick!

Wanted – Bad Boyfriend is nearly finished now!

Works in Progress

I’m about halfway through EOW at the moment and kinda loving it. Don’t know if it is something anyone else would like, but I love the characters SO MUCH. They’re redic cute. I think.

The Mystery Work is due in April. I’ve got my world and characters set, the plot roughed out on my head, and I’m going to start on the 1st in honour of Nano. I don’t know if I’ll complete Nano this year, but it’s the thought that counts! 😀

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