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As you know if you follow my tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram then I am on holiday. I am currently in Denver for slightly longer than I had planned (there has been a lot of shite going on, I am not dwelling), but whatevs I’ve had a good time. I’ve been all around Denver, hit downtown (cool!), gone to the Botanic Park (pretty!) checked out the Capitol (shiny!), and completely failed to get out to see Golden. I am vaguely tanned, currently covered in aloe Vera like a undersea creature (I am not meant for sun), and my hair has faded from purple to a sorta grey lavender because apparently it doesn’t appreciate a change in the water.

Highlights? Glad you asked!

My first trip to Golden was cut short by the fact I never use public transport at home and I got a bit freaked out when a loud bicker broke out in the bus station. A young woman got a wild hair up her about something some dude had done, so she starts screaming ‘Fuck you, you fucking loser, don’t you fucking sidelong look me. Do you know who I fucking am? Don’t you sidelong me.’ Then a homeless lady decided that what the scene was missing was a Greek Chorus, so she joined in on the young woman’s behalf, ‘Do you fucking know who she is? You sidelong her and think you know who she is? I don’t even fucking know who she is’. 

Not too proud to admit I just noped myself out of there. It wasn’t any worse than you’d get outside Auntie Annie’s on a Saturday night really, but I am not stuck in a tin tube with the revellers outside Auntie Annie’s and I know there when the ‘fucks’ go from being for emphasis to being for a fight.

  I loved Botanic Gardens, for a start it had a wifi signal. It is a gorgeous place, with loads to wander around and places to sit and cool down (as previously mentioned, the sun is not my friend). My favourite bit was the rainforest, which is huge and humid and full of gorgeous plants and orchids, closely followed by the gorgeous, eclectic sculptures scattered through the greenery. My one regret is that I couldn’t really make the most of today/tomorrows big sale. Most of my photos are on my camera, on the one memory card that doesn’t like to play nice with my card reader. So I will post them when I get home! 

Then outside the Botanic Gardens I got to watch Brian and Carla break up acrimoniously while “possibly Zoe/possibly Kinky Boots” looked on from the end of the road. It had everything. Carla had a tracker on Brian’s car, Brian had once found another man’s boat in Carla’s garage, the phrase ‘but then you had cancer so I stayed’ was uttered (and fuck you again, Brian). Alexis and Bethany were also thrown into the mix, but I have no idea of the context there because the bus turned up before I could finish the show. I might try and storify it off Twitter later.

Oh, and I went to Molly Brown’s. I have had a fondness for Molly Brown ever since the big Titanic anniversary. I mean, my favourite is probably the similarly ‘unsinkable’ Violet Jessop – who survived three White Star ships sinking and still went to sea – but Molly Brown is a close second. She also had a beautiful house. There are a lot of gorgeous houses in Denver, I have so many pictures or lovely houses I want one of my characters to live in one day.


There’s loads of other stuff too. Like the Clock Tower, the Bear, Blucifer, and the Cell – but these are the coolest and/or funniest bits so far! 

Tomorrow, I am heading downtown to check out the Cinco de Mayo festival and then duck into the Museum of Art to check out Samurai. Then on Sunday there’s a Farmer’s Market and I might hop onto a Banjo Billy tour if I can snaffle a ticket.

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