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Toilet Tales – Work Days

So, here’s a list of toilet related things that happened when I worked in one particular place: A desperate hunt for a female member of staff to go into the ladies and ask the two women making love on the floor to take it ...Read More

State of the Tamm – Snot!

I have the cold. Count yourself lucky that you are on the other side of the screen, away from the nose-honking, coughing, and whining (SO MUCH whining). Basically that means I am in my pyjamas at any opportunity. You can’t be properly ill unless ...Read More

Zombie Storm!

So last night the weather went ‘oh no! terrible storm approaching! deaths predicted! This morning I got up and all the schools were closed. Like an idiot, I though ‘oh, well that will make the run up to Belfast easier!’ and off I went. ...Read More

Aldi is the GF Promised Land

If you aren’t gluten-free then you can’t imagine how important Irish Aldi’s are to me. They have bread rolls that you can eat with a gallon of water to wash it down, you don’t even have to refresh them! There are biscuits – the white ...Read More

Join us for….TOILET TALES!

OK, not all of these stories are about toilets. However when I look back on my life a LOT of my stories involve or reference toilets/bathrooms. I can’t help it. It’s my superpower – no matter where it lies I can find weird stuff ...Read More