Team Cap Representing

First of all, I have had an awesome time in San Diego with Rhys and Jenn. I got to see the pandas, Gus, two of the Five, and see the Avengers divorce movie, aka Captaim America: Civil War (I am Team Cap, but I think both sides had a point.)  

Secondly, I am really sorry to anyone I have hugged or attempted to hug in the past. I did not come from a hugging family and apparently my skills have not improved since I was a child. I am SO BAD at spontaneous human affection that it is actually dangerous to be near me. My elbows are unpredictable, I don’t know what to do with my chin, I forget I have glasses on, I knock things over, and then I pet people’s faces in distressed reaction like some sort of sad monkey? Oh, and I will try and go in low and from the side – which is apparently both weird and distressing.

I am a remedial hugger. If you see me at a con and I don’t have a ‘hugs welcome’ badge on, it isn’t about you. I am protecting the public from me.

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