The no good, really bad year

Truth is stranger than fiction. We’ve all heard that saying over the years, and mouthed it ourselves when something a bit weird happens. Yet every time we sit down to actually write, we agonise over whether or not something is too weird, too far-fetched…too unbelievable. That’s good, of course, but sometimes it’s good to see the proof that life REALLY can be weirder than fiction. I mean, *points to paragraph below*, I’d never have given any of my characters quite such a dramatically shitty year

From Dear Prudence on Slate

Q. A Recent Solicitation Charge: I am a college student just wrapping up my junior year. This school year has been incredibly stressful for me. I had to undergo a series of rabies shots after being bitten by a bat, my mother’s house was burglarized, and two close friends have been imprisoned….

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