Time to get spooked

ravenloft_01I was thinking about the Ravenloft books today. They were – are – a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, where fantasy was replaced with gothic fantasical horror. Looking back, the premise was sorta ‘imagine if the author of ‘My Immortal’ was a dark god of the Demiplane of Dread’. I mean, I loved them – don’t get me wrong – and there were some great writers involved – but behind the stories there were these omnipotent dark forces who spent all their time manufacturing tragic romances and thwarted plans for the most doomed of villains. (for example, points to picture).

Kinda awesome really.

Anyhow, it’s been ages since I read horror. So I’m going to hunt out some old favourites over October. I’m not going to be reading LOADS — I’ve writing to do, and a holiday to plan for! — but I’m going to dip into some MR James, at least. Not sure it can beat last year, when I was in a renovated mental hospital in Scotland reading true life spooky stories of Jezebel…but still. Spooktober it is.

Hey, if anyone has any recs let me know! 😀

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