Toilet Tales – Work Days

So, here’s a list of toilet related things that happened when I worked in one particular place:

  1. A desperate hunt for a female member of staff to go into the ladies and ask the two women making love on the floor to take it home, or at least into a stall, because no-one wanted to step over them on the way to the loo.
  2. A bag of drugs someone left behind in the stall that got (sorry, whoever the dude was) flushed down the bogs after a lot of panic on Monday morning.
  3. A conversation overheard in the loos in which the following words were spoken, ‘I’ve not got clap. If he wants I’ll not wear knickers next time I visit the prison and he can look up it like a f’ing telescope.’
  4. A pigeon that got into the water tank in the summer that had been there long enough to dissolve into a sort of ‘pigeon soup’ and that we DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT fill up the kettles in the bathroom anymore.
  5. The discovery that if ‘someone’ flushes coffee grounds down the loo because it seemed like a good idea at the time (the sink didn’t drain), the next person to go in there gets a horrible surprise and a bit of a medical scare.

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