It’s About the Book – Wanted-Bad Boyfriend Blog Tour

Wanted-Bad Boyfriend is at It’s About the Book today! Go check it out now! There’s a ficlet set on Ceremony and a raffle to enter!

To keep the blog tour company I’ll be posting some of my inspiration pics for the Island Confidential series (Wanted-Bad Boyfriend is Book One!). This is a lighthouse that is a few miles down the coast from me. ABSOLUTE MARE to get there, tiny wee country roads, insane drivers, an unusually sunny day that brought everyone out. For 75% of the time I seemed to be driving away from the coast! Well worth it once I got there.

Blackhead Lighthouse, Northern Ireland
Blackhead, Northern Ireland

I was going to head to the Gobbins afterward, but I lost my nerve and passed on that. It looks amazing, but quite physically demanding. I worry I’d fall over wheezing and die!

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