What is the Secret?

2016-11-21Look, there’s a lot of ‘secrets’ being peddled out there. The secret to wealth! The secret to eternal youth! The secret to scoring with sexy ladies! (Usually, spoiler alert, the secret is ‘give me your money! now wait….’ but I’m a known cynic). This secret though…I’m dying to know what it is. Tell me, Tumblr Ad, what is the surprising money making method in the UK?

Is this attractive woman with baby selling babies? Is she cutting the top of her hair into a tonsure and selling the locks (thus, the hat), is she taking bets on how long she can carry that kid around using only one arm?

What is it!? No, I will not click ‘learn more’ because this ad does not deserve to be rewarded.

In other words, yes I am writing! I am. Stop looking at me! Seriously though, my book is well under way. My characters are as co-operative as my characters get, and I am only 200 words from today’s target. So I’m doing this! I mean, if I’d actually written this for my characters I’d be nearly at the cut off already!

…bogs. Right, back to the word mine.

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