Wobbledogs and Writing Updates

I will, 100%, play wobbledogs when it comes out. It looks fun. However, looking at the developerlog I’m caught between…you know when you see a dog that is REALLY, REALLY ugly, but it is still a dog and therefore adorbs? So the cognitive dissonance leads to ‘you’re so ugly, you the cutest puppy in the world!’?


The physics pups on wobbledogs cause the same reaction, theoretically they are a little horrifying and disturbing? However, you still want to pet the poor things and set them back on their wonky little legs.

Still, like I said 10/10 would play!

TA Moore factoid of the day: I used to be able to have a nosebleed at will. Hit me on the back of the head and my nose would gush blood (fun when you’re drinking milk, thank you childhood friends). However, I also had a lot of random nosebleeds, often at night when I asleep. It was as gross as it sounds. So my mom took me to the ENT guy and he cauterised my nose (it smelled like sulphur and char), which is why I only have one working nostril now.

Book Progress:

[mybookprogress book=”1″ progress=”0.306666666667″ phase_name=”Story Structure” deadline=”1481587200″ book_title=”Down to the Bone” bar_color=”0033cc”]

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