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September has been taken up with the UK Meet and visiting old friends for me. I had a great time at the meet – although, as always, I had intentions to see more, visit more, say more than I ever actually manage. I also decided to start a fortnightly (crossed fingers and good intentions) post about upcoming news, opportunities, and special calls for romance authors*. It is no way intended to be particularly comprehensive, so if I miss something out it’s just because I did. This one is a bit naff, I admit it!, but hopefully it will get better!

Blog Recs:

Check out this review of Rhys Ford’s Ink and Shadows at Boys in Our Books.

‘Can’t wait to get my hands in the next book! Bring it!!!’

Up front and honest? I know Rhys, and actually read one of the first drafts of Ink and Shadows. So, yeah, I agree with this reviewer. Go buy, admire the cover, then read!


JLHSinfully Sexy Books has an exclusive exerpt and giveaway from Jordan L. Hawk’s Dangerous Spirits.

‘Henry ran.

Terror lent him speed. He didn’t dare look over his shoulder, too afraid of what he might see. Branches whipped across his face, nearly tearing his spectacles free. His shoe caught on a root, and he almost pitched forward, barely catching himself on the tree it belonged to….’

Read the rest on Sinfully Sexy Books.

KJ Charles and the Worst Phone Call Ever – Or the BEST!

During the UK Meet in Bristol keynote speaker KJ Charles (fellow magpie enthusiast) talked about her career in publishing, including a story about a narrow house full of paper and an angry call from… Well, she tells it better!

I told this story as part of my keynote speech at the UK LGBT Fiction Meet. I’ve been asked for the text, which is far too long to type out. But for those who weren’t there, I give you my favourite publishing story: The Tale of the Worst Phone Call, a.k.a. How KJ Went Off […]

Read the whole story on her blog.

New Calls:

Snowed In – October 15

Get your Christmas snowglobes out early for some inspiration, writers! Torquere are looking for red hot stories set in the depths of winter with a HEA or HFN ending Send your 3000 -10,000 word submissions to submissions@torquerepress.com with “Snowed In” and your story title in the subject field.

Simmer – October 1

If you love food, this upcoming anthology might be just right for your stories. Dreamspinner Press is seeking romantic short stories featuring lovers brought together by food. Each story must also include a recipe (at the end of the story) that accompanies the theme. Stories should feature happy or promising endings. (One day I WILL write a short story about a hot dude with allergies and the difficulties involved in dating them :D)

F/F Novels – March 2016

Riptide Publishing is looking for novel-length female/female romance?  Any and all female/female romance, send it their way. They’re also accepting stories about aromantic ladies in any genre, though for this particular call, such stories should focus on a deep, exceptional friendship between two or more women

BDSM Bikers – Open
Totally BoundBDSM Bikers

Enter into a world where the intense excitement from BDSM collides with the dark world of Biker Motorcycle Clubs. See what Totally Bound’s submission image says to you and let your imagination run riot. 10-100k words, any pairing. Series or serials are also welcomed. Please send your submission, synopsis and series outline, if applicable, to submissions@totallybound.com.

*If you want to be included in the blog, go ahead and email me. It’s mostly just for me to keep up with people despite my HORRENDOUS tendency of hobbiting.

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