Writing and SCIENCE!

I am now nearly halfway through my WIP. So far there has been no loss of life, no major lawbreaking, and only some relatively minor assholery. I’m feeling cocky, I’m feeling good. I can write a story in which there’s no murdering! Damn. If I had known this when I was at school, maybe my English/Religious Ed teacher wouldn’t have called my writing ‘sordid and disgusting’ and hated me so much I had to make a complaint to the education board?

Nah, she was a bitter shrew and she hated me for asking questions.

Anyhow, I am happy with my WIP. This will probably not continue for long, so I’m enjoying it while I can!

In other news, check out this awesome kid’s science book, Hey Elements. I mean, I SAY kids but I kinda want a copy.
Look at how gorgeous the illustrations are. I can’t even decide which is my favourite, I love them all so much. Probably Chlorine. I mean, look at that little green bit of wicked!


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